Elite Harmful Update 2.2 Adds Module Storage: What You Need To Know

A lengthy requested feature is finally arriving Elite Harmful Update 2.2. Frontier Development’s Jon Pace confirmed that module storage and transfer is on the right track for release within the next patch. If this releases, pilots can move ship modules to some general storage and, after that, refit them onto every other compatible ship within their collection.


Since Elite Harmful is about realism, the procedure will not be instant. Should you store a module in a single star system and wish to equip it in another, you’ll need to wait for a delivery timer to complete. On Reddit, this restriction was met with mixed reviews from players before the reveal from the official patch notes.

“It ought to ‘t be instant. I truly do not require people uninstalling modules to obtain somewhere faster after which instantly getting a combat ready build every time they make it happen.Inches authored user A_Fhaol_Bhig.

Another user named Backflip_into_a_star elevated a good point about module exclusivity. “What is the purpose of getting only certain stations sell certain modules if you’re able to instantly transfer them everywhere? If that might be the situation then why don’t you just sell each and every ship and module at each single station?”

No matter your opinion around the matter, it appears as though Elite Harmful is going to be sticking with delivery timers for the time being. The patch continues to be in beta, so there’s still here we are at Frontier Development to iron the kinks.

To review all of those other additions and tweaks coming with Elite Harmful Update 2.2, mind on to the Frontier Development forums. Which are you currently most excited for? Tell us your ideas and suggestions within the comments below!

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