Song from the Deep Review: Papa Don’t Sink

Among the finest fears of each and every child has been separated from their parent. Whether it’s becoming lost inside a supermarket or perhaps a parent not returning home during the night, there’s no fear more palpable for a kid.

Song from the Deep capitalizes with that fear to inform a tale of effective bravery through Metroidvania game play and combat. Merryn, the game’s primary character, doesn’t allow that to terrible fear paralyze her.

Lonely Hearts and Resourcefulness

“I’ll return before you decide to awaken,Inches Merryn’s father informed her many occasions before he’d mind on another ocean expedition. Without fail, he’d always return by sunrise having a smile and much more tall tales. And eventually, he didn’t.

One evening Merryn understood her father wouldn’t return by sunrise. She’d a dreadful nightmare – a premonition he got taken lower towards the deep sea.

Rather than wallowing in self pity and accepting her father’s fate, Merryn takes the romance from the ocean her father gave her, his tales, and her resourcefulness to produce a ramshackle submarine. Though it isn’t pretty, it’ll do.


Merryn always thought her father’s tales were adornments, but she rapidly finds out he might have been being truthful when she finds an enormous amount of question and danger within the deep sea. To find her father’s location, Merryn must brave everything the sea needs to throw at her.

The main of the items makes Song from the Deep’s story engaging may be the relationship between Merryn and her father. As Merryn finds out more unbelievable places and animals within the ocean’s depth, she starts to understand her father has resided a existence his word couldn’t correctly convey.

Parents tell little lies and elaborate mundane tales for children’s benefit constantly. Merryn telling us that her father did that appears right, however when she starts to create her very own tales using these whimsical subjects because the basis, we learn a little more about who her father is and just what he’s seen.


Song from the Deep’s core may be the warm, healthy relationship between Merryn and her father, nevertheless its thrust is really a child’s anxiety about losing a parent or gaurdian. As the places she visits and also the factor she encounters are outstanding, it never cuts the pressing nature of her mission: they must find and save her father.

Merryn’s journey is arduous. She doesn’t simply head to the sea and discover her father smiling, awaiting her in order to save him. There are lots of near misses and lots of incorrect information.

At occasions, Merryn is disheartened. Then the gamer feels her disappointment and also the nagging voice at the back of her mind that it’s for naught. The tough nature of her journey helps make the ending even more nicer.

Plunging the Depths

Song from the Deep is really a true Metroidvania game having a fully interconnected map that just reveals completely once you’ve fleshed out Merryn’s submarine with each and every upgrade available hanging around. All of the different upgrades open numerous pathways for Merryn to understand more about. Additionally they permit her to solve puzzles, which frequently require a mixture of reflexes along with a sharp mind.

It captures the spirit from the genre. A lot of what’s going to keep gamers constantly flowing within the map is locating the insightful secrets the sport needs to offer.


Despite as being a good modern undertake the Metroidvania genre, there are several flaws using the power-ups. One serious problem comes by means of the boost. It’s very wonky. There’s an enormous sluggishness to boosting.

Working out using it precisely to obtain past riptide obstacles involves experimentation. While an ordinary boost function would create a tremendous boost of speed, the boost on Merryn’s submarine needs some velocity and good timing to obtain beyond the riptides.

There’s an earlier section where you have to combine the magnetic claw using the boost. You have to grapple using the claw through a lot of anchors to obtain further up a chasm when using the boost in the appropriate occasions. If you’ve not mastered the boost fully, this can be a tiresome and frustrating portion. Sadly, there are many other cases of the boost being difficult, also it tarnishes exactly what is a generally enjoyable game.

The first servings of the sport also continue a little because you’re exclusively owning the magnetic claw, making combat a drag. In the start, you’re best staying away from opponents since the claw is slow and unwieldy.

However, when fully upgraded, the magnetic claw is really a formidable pressure that may easily wreck effective opponents. Yet, it really works best with the torpedo upgrades.


Combat reveals when Merryn finally will get to make use of torpedos. Upgrading both torpedos and claw turns Merryn right into a formidable pressure. There’s also lots of awesome puzzles which involve while using different torpedo upgrades. While general combat is fun and challenging, in charge fights are missing.

Movement for Merryn’s sub isn’t always nimble, but through the finish from the game, you’re easily in a position to dodge and weave from opponents while shooting off torpedos and taking advantage of your claw. Song from the Deep winds up being a mixture of bullet hell and Metroidvania.26

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