I’m Setsuna Review: Chilly Discontent

Tribute bands have been in no win positions. At the best, they help remind people of what they’re emulating, brining back fond recollections of history. Frequently, they’re only a cheap knock-off that misses the purpose of why people loved the factor to begin with.

I’m Setsuna seems to break in the curse from the tribute. While it definitely is an appreciation letter to Japanese role-doing offers, it never seems like it’s painting by figures. Its influences are apparent, however it seems to stick out by itself because of superb writing and fantastic game play.

Final Stop: The Final Lands

The problem using the monsters has become worse lately. They’re positively attacking communities causing destruction and dying. Sadly, the answer isn’t a scrappy gang of heroes to eliminate the savage monsters. No, it’s more somber than that. One girl may be the hope for peace.

Setsuna’s village includes a lengthy tradition of choosing one girl in the village to venture towards the Last Lands and provide herself up to and including terrible demon as sacrifice. Using this method, it calms the monsters and brings peace towards the lands. Setsuna, like her mother before here, is chosen to help make the pilgrimage.

Equipped with several tough, capable bodyguards, Setsuna may have the ability to bring peace back.


Initially glance, the storyline appears to become about Setsuna – the title alone indicates it. However, it’s rapidly apparent that it’s about a lot more. Certainly it’s very much Setsuna’s story, but she isn’t the only focus.

Endir, the mysterious, close-lipped masked warrior, is the middle of the storyline. While Setsuna comes with an important task of getting peace by serving as the sacrifice, the storyline spends sufficient time alluding to Endir’s past, and keeps you questioning his motives at each turn. All of this provides the story dimension.

I’m Setsuna does a great job at characterizing its cast. There’s enough time provided to fleshing out each new party member once they join. Time allocated to backstory and also the characters’ motives for joining Setsuna’s journey helps add depth and makes gamers committed to the figures.


In the plot towards the figures to the caliber of writing, many of these elements elevate the sport. They assist I’m Setsuna move from an easy JRPG homage to one that will endure other contemporary RPGs and a few of the classics.

Keep The Opponents Close

As the story is amazing, it’s most likely the retro-inspired game play which will catch most people’s eyes. The combat is inspired and pays homage to Chrono Trigger.

Gamers be capable of connect party member’s spritnites, that are special moves, to produce more effective combination techs. These collaborative techs frequently are super formidable which help remove fundamental opponents having to break a sweat.

Figures don’t learn new spritnites by simple leveling up you need to get them within the various cities you discover by selling materials to some Magic Consortium representative. This provides actual purpose to trying to find products around the world map or perhaps in dungeons, and makes grinding possess a purpose outdoors of leveling your figures.

Buying new spritnites and experimentation with tech combinations is a big area of the fun in I’m Setsuna. The combo techs are what result in the combat this kind of engrossing and exciting area of the game. It turns the conventional turn-based active-time JRPG game play into something electrifying.


There’s an additional wrinkle to I’m Setsuna’s combat within the Momentum auto technician. When it’s your submit fight, should you enable your character idle, they’ll fill a Momentum gauge (as much as three occasions).

When the gauge is full, you are able to activate Momentum in your attacks with higher timing (it takes place when there’s a flash on the watch’s screen throughout a move execution). Activating Momentum adds effects for your attacks, for example adding additional damage.

You will find passive spritnites that will help change what different kind of Momentum effects are put into attacks. This leads to deep personalization for the party’s attack loadouts between passive and active spiritnites.


In charge fights seem like boss fights. They aren’t just leaped up mobs with a lot more HP. To best the bosses hanging around, it requires not only bombarding effective combination attacks.

You have to make use of the different abilities of the team and plot a strategy that may best reduce the effects of these effective enemies. Frequently it calls for using techs that may debuff the enemy, whether it’s slowing down them lower or turning these to stone.

There’s a sense of really achieving something when you beat someone else in charge as you have to exhibit some quantity of mastery within the tenants of game play to be able to defeat them.


I’m Setsuna doesn’t re-invent the JRPG genre, however it doesn’t have to. It is sometimes enough to behave extremely well. It hits having a captivating story and deeply engrossing game play, which is sufficient to satisfy any JRPG aficionado.

I’m Setsuna was reviewed on Ps 4 utilizing a code for that game supplied by the writer.24

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