iPhone 7, 7 Plus Release Date Postponed? AT&T Leaked Document Unveils Release Schedule

With couple of days remaining until September, gossips concerning the long awaited iPhone 7 and seven Plus are in a record high. However, the discharge date from the Apple’s latest smartphone remains elusive.

Though Apple hasn’t formally introduced the big event, new particulars have finally emerged recommending the iPhone 7 release is going to be after expected. Trustworthy Apple leaks source 9to5Mac has achieved information from AT&T which unveils the iPhone 7 and also the bigger dual camera iPhone 7 Plus won’t continue purchase until September 23rd.

The leaked release schedule of the AT&T store detailed the brand new approaching reset hrs in month of September. It particularly known as for merchandising resets on dates of September 9 and September 23. This means that new iPhones might be looking for pre-orders around September 9 and actual releases happening on September 23.

The truth that AT&T’s leaked date matches more carefully with past iPhone release schedules gives substance towards the September 23 release date based on Forbes. The content further stated that Bloomberg has delicately confirmed that Apple will launch the iPhone 7 in an event on September seventh: “The MacBook Pros aren’t prone to debut in an event presently scheduled for Sept. 7 introducing next-generation versions from the iPhone,” authored Mark Gurman.


Recently famous prominent leaker Evan Blass (also known as @evleaks) had says sales of iPhone 7 would begin on September 16th following pre-orders on September ninth. Apple’s September event was as a result speculated to become held on seventh 2 days before company started taking pre-orders.

However, Apple fans have to take both launch and release dates having a touch of suspicion, as Apple hasn’t yet formally introduced its September event. 9to5Mac also stated that AT&T regularly schedules these resets so it might not be of anything associated with iPhone 7.

iPhone 7 Specifications

The rumored specifications of iPhone 7 and seven Plus have, generally, continued to be very similar in past couple of several weeks. You can even find gossips of the third iPhone 7 Pro phone that Apple will unveil using its other two smartphones. The style of new phone generally continues to be same based on several reliable sources.The most recent device can get Apple’s iOS 10 software as well as an upgraded processor/chipset without a doubt. Here are a few rumored particulars:

No headphone jack

It’s been lengthy speculated that iPhone 7 won’t have a typical headphone jack. The most recent blueprint and photo leaks appear to verify this. The removal is stated to permit Apple to include another speaker and therefore enhance the quality and amount of the seem. It’ll rather promote using its Lightning and Bluetooth earphones.

Dual-Lens Camera

Again dual lens camera is stated for a while as well as leaked in certain photos. There’s expectation the iPhone 7 Plus or Pro will feature some potentially revolutionary optics having a dual lens camera.


Up-to-date Desltop

A Bloomberg report cited un named people “familiar using the matter” as saying the brand new iPhones have a home button that “provides feedback towards the user using a vibrating haptic sensation.” What this means is the brand new button works like the trackpads around the latest MacBooks than such as the traditional physical click.

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