Nook eReader Becomes Gaming Device

Nook eReader Becomes Gaming Device

I’m a gamer, I really like games, however this crosses the road. Call us a high-tech luddite.

Barnes and Noble introduced today the Nook HD and Nook HD will have the Google Play application store.

Google’s Play service offers over 700,000 Android apps and games. While apps do start adding some extra e-books, Google Play includes a large concentrate on video, music, and gaming related android programs. Now, you will see gamers on Spaces.

It’s like watching a film on the DS. You simply don’t get it done.

Thanks heading, exactly what a great point! To provide you with just a little perspective: if you notice an eReader in public places it’s like seeing someone on the DS in public places. That individual is exhibiting that they’re a gamer and proud. You aren’t a DS states: “See this? This can be a gaming device! I’m a gamer! The only real reason I’ve this product is play game titles!”

You may visit a mobile gamer and become proud that there’s someone raising their flag, flying their colors, and openly pledging allegiance to gaming!

Imagine that’s a bold faced lie which person isn’t a gamer whatsoever! Rather than playing a game title, they’re are utilizing that DS to look at a film, or pay attention to some old Busta Rhymes album. Who even still learns Busta Rhymes anyways?

It may sound like advisable, right? Wrong.

Look, don’t misunderstand me: I’m a gamer, I really like games and gaming and I’m always stoked for gaming to get readily available to wider audiences. However this is sacrilege.

The factor that would be ideal concerning the Nook is it is (was, anyways) a mobile phone solely dedicated to e-books. This was a eReader, it was out of the crowd of mobile products and it was proud.

If you see someone around the bus or train or perhaps in a cafe by having an eReader before them, you’d know these were studying. Sounds trivial, but that’s vital. Getting an eReader would be a symbol: even just in today flooded with ADD-pandering entertainment and social technology, someone would still sit lower and browse a damn book.

See? There’s a problem here. Everybody brags about this kind of media convergence, however i really dislike it. I suppose you can call us a high-tech luddite.

What is your opinion? Shall We Be Held overreacting here? I’m genuinely interested by what most people are thinking! This isn’t some blind grab for comments to create me feel great, please allow me to read your comments within the comment section below.

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