The iPhone 5’s body will ‘resemble the metallic rear panel from the iPad’ – analyst

The iPhone 5’s body will ‘resemble the metallic rear panel from the iPad’ – analyst

An analyst thinks that Apple is on the right track to produce its next-gen iPhone in October, regardless of the lack of Qualcomm chips. The iPhone 5’s body style could resemble the trunk panel from the iPad, and will have a 4in screen.

Forbes reviews that Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster authored inside a note on Monday: “We believe the apple iphone 5 will represent the greatest electronic devices affiliate marketing of 2012 along with the greatest device upgrade cycle in smartphone history.”

“We believe the apple iphone 5 have a completely redesigned body style, which might more carefully resemble the metallic rear panel of the present iPad,” revealed Munster. “We believe there’s a 50 percent chance the brand new phone like a slightly bigger 4in screen. We feel the bigger screen is among the couple of areas by which Android products have had the ability to compete. Past the redesigned body and screen, we feel the brand new iPhone includes 4G LTE, upgraded processor and memory, along with a greater megapixel camera.”

Munster thinks that Apple continues to be on the right track to produce the following iPhone in October. “We believe there’s an 80 percent chance Apple will have the ability to meet our 49 million estimate because of the restricted supply,” he authored.

In April, we reported that Qualcomm is suffering from a shortage of Snapdragon S4 processors for tablets and smartphones due to a lack of manufacturing capacity available to make those chips, leading to concerns that Apple could face supply constraints since Qualcomm provides baseband radio chips for the iPhone. S4 chips are made using the 28nm process, which is the latest manufacturing technology for ARM chips. Munster doesn’t believe that this shortage will cause much of a problem for Apple’s next-gen iPhone, though.

“We expect Apple is likely to get favourable treatment in terms of access to the 28nm inventory,” wrote Munster in his note on Monday. “Net-net, the worst case scenario is that Apple is unable to meet demand in the short term following iPhone 5 launch and units would shift from the December quarter into the March quarter as we don’t believe consumers would simply purchase another phone in most cases if they wanted the iPhone 5 and it was not available.”

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