Vanguard: Saga of Heroes Removes Some Free-to-Play Restrictions 

Vanguard: Saga of Heroes Removes Some Free-to-Play Limitations

I’m an optimist and like a number of other optimists, I favor what’s promising instead of not good news. Obviously after i heard SOE was lifting a few of the Free-to-Play limitations enforced on gamers in Vanguard: Saga of Heroes I nodded her head my mind in quiet approval. Based on SOE, the program would be to make both F2P and monthly subscription avenue more appealing for old and new gamers alike.

Individuals selecting the F2P path will find no class or race limitations. In almost any other Mmog this might not have been that big of the deal, however when you accumulate the 19 different races available together with 15 unique classes you’ve all of a sudden got a great deal of extra personalization options. Free gamers may also possess a house now along having the ability to create guilds, something which was formerly limited to customers only. Talking about customers, Vanguard customers may also now take advantage of an additional 50 % boost to XP a 20% discount on several charges as well as an additional house that also gets to be a discount on upkeep.

Sadly F2P gamers continue to be gimped around the gear aspect, with Vanguard ongoing to limit use of rare and greater products. You’ll find the entire producer’s note with the particulars here.

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