New Cod: Ghost Particulars Revealed, &quotNew story, Figures, and Canine Companion&quot


New Cod: Ghost Particulars Revealed, “New story, Figures, and Canine Companion”

At Xbox One reveal event in May 2013, Activision provided only a brief peek at what to anticipate from Cod: Ghosts. But because of IGN, some completely new particulars has showed up about Cod: Ghosts singleplayer campaign, world of Ghosts and actual role of player’s new canine companion.

Call of Duty: GhostNeoGaf user shinobi602 summarized the interesting points from Cod: Ghosts IGN’s preview.

  • No multiple protagonists, story follows one playable character (and his brother)
  • US was ravaged by a “mass event” (not WWIII)
  • Completely new conflict (no ties whatsoever to Modern Warfare series)
  • The use of Ghost’s mask is pure fan service according to IW
  • Done with cliche Russian “threat”; players face “resource rich” states (oil abundant South American nations)
  • IGN demo shows “No Man’s Land” level (San Diego, desolate wasteland, destroyed infrastructure)
  • No Man’s Land emphasizes stealth; player must navigate contested terrain
  • One area has you taking out enemies in gas masks+hazmat suits surveying several mile-wide crater
  • Covert combat was distinctly reminiscent of “All Ghillied Up (COD4)
  • Your service dog accompanies you
  • More than just an AI companion, it’s a remote recon scout
  • Can be controlled via a tablet-like viewfinder (based off real life Navy Seals)
  • In the real-world field, SEALS outfit highly trained dogs with periscope-like camera and specialized earpiece; allows team to see/hear everything dog does
  • You can control the dog in-game; can lunge at enemy’s throats
  • You can bark to lure enemies into view

Call of Duty: Ghosts IGN Preview Image 1

Second Demo

  • Underwater level
  • Actual battles take place underwater
  • Enemy divers submerge from above from boats
  • Underwater assault rifle (real life Russian APS rifle)
  • Intimate use of cover underwater, behind rocks and reefs
  • Verticality in the level; get an elevated shot or dodge
  • Enemy subs use sonar blasts which cause damage to the player and cause tremors in the environment
  • Player must swim from cover to cover
  • Destroy the enemy sub with portable torpedo-like explosive

Call of Duty: Ghosts IGN Preview Image 2

Source: NeoGaf via IGN



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