Checking-in: Planetside 2 to include Valkyrie aircraft?

Checking-in: Planetside 2 to include Valkyrie aircraft

Planetside 2 gamers will quickly find their skies filled with a brand new kind of aircraft, the one that could easily pass like a Harraser with wings, the Valkyrie. Matt Higby, Creative Director on Planetside 2, reveled the brand new vehicle throughout a new update video which previewed a few of the alterations in store for that MMOFPS within the coming several weeks.

Like the Norse legend its named after, the Valkyrie are suited to getting small squads to or from battles. These small attack aircraft are referred to as agile and permit for just one pilot and forward gunner, while two other gamers ride in rumble seats on every side from the aircraft. Such as the aforementioned Harasser, the rumble seats open design permit the uncovered gamers to make use of their very own weapons and grant them additional control over their vision.

Other slightly less but nonetheless impressive alterations in store incorporate a large-scale balance pass, the mission system implementation, along with other changes which reinforce Outfit game play such as the ability for Clothes to capture bases. Each one of these changes are stated to start beginning in April, progressing with the month of May and in to the summer time, using the Valkyrie being launched then.

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