Is SimCity "A Worst Rated Game Ever on Amazon"?

Is SimCity “A Worst Rated Game Ever on Amazon”?

Is SimCity a Worst Ranked Game Ever on Amazon . com?, to inform everyone the reality, all of us saw next when EA made a comment that SimCity is going to be tied with questionable always online DRM.


Many SimCity customers reviews on Amazon . com clears claims that the sport is among the worst ranked game on Amazon . com. Gamers are unhappy and furious with writer, because they are not able to experience the sport the compensated for.

In addition, plenty of gamers performed SimCity just for first couple of hrs some time and then need to folded back all of their city due to nasty server issues.

And last although not minimal, insufficient many exciting fan-asked for features which were in SimCity 4 (for example subterranean water line systems and subways.)

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The question arise here’s, Will Ea study from its mistake?. Tell us within the comment section below what everyone consider SimCity and EA?.

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