Cod: Black Ops 2 dev Treyarch focusing on next CoD game

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 dev Treyarch working on next CoD game

Activision is looking Treyarch out of the ball pen because the writer introduced last night during its investor call the developer is focusing on 2015’s Cod game.

It’s been 3 years since Treyarch developed Cod: Black Ops 2, causeing this to be the very first Cod title within the developer’s history to possess a three-year development cycle. Actually, it’s just the second game within the series to get much development time, the first being last year’s Cod: Advanced Warfare.

Info on Treyarch’s approaching Cod title is scarce right now, departing us to totally guess regarding where they’ll be taking us later this season. Basically were a betting man, I’d assume a zombies mode is going to be creating a comeback once more. I simply hope they’re nazi zombies as individuals would be the most terrifying zombies of ‘em all.




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