1Password up-to-date for Safari 4 beta


1Password up-to-date for Safari 4 beta

Apple’s discharge of an open beta form of Safari 4, a brand new form of their Internet browser, has spurred Agile Web Methods to offer 1Password 2.9.9, an update for their password store.

A totally free upgrade for those compensated 1Password clients, 1Password 2.9.9 costs $40, around £27.

1Password helps Mac customers keep an eye on passwords accustomed to access Internet sites. It may also generate online passwords so it’s not necessary to.

The program includes anti-phishing and keylogging protection, and enhances autofill abilities for automatic form completion.

A new comer to the two.9.9 release is support for that Safari 4 beta and integration with iCab, the Internet browser from Alexander Clauss.

A number of other enhancements are also made, including improve Agile Keychain load time, enhanced import from Safari and Firefox, enhancements to documentation and bundle size, new support of localization and much more.

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