No news is nice news for World IPv6 Day

No news is nice news for World IPv6 Day

World IPv6 Day, a 24-hour trial of next-generation Internet services, went as easily as taking part websites had wished, sparking evaluations towards the beginning from the new millennium passing with no Y2K-related occurrences.

Because this large-scale experiment came to some close, no major outages or security breaches were reported in the 400-plus corporate, government and college websites taking part within the IPv6 trial.

IPv6 is really a lengthy-anticipated upgrade towards the Internet’s primary communications protocol, which is called IPv4. IPv6 features an broadened addressing plan to permit greatly more products to become attached directly to the web, but it’s not backward suitable for IPv4.

Released five several weeks ago, World IPv6 Day is really a trial of IPv6 backed through the Internet Society which has attracted the Internet’s most widely used websites including Facebook, Google, Yahoo and Bing. The big event is built to allow website operators to recognize any issues with the emerging standard before they deploy it being produced mode.

“The important thing phrase that’s getting used by World IPv6 Day participants is it continues to be uneventful, and that’s the best factor that people might have expected,” states Martin Levy, director of IPv6 strategy at Hurricane Electric, which claims to achieve the world’s most interconnected IPv6 backbone.

“World IPv6 Day made lots of large companies really obtain act together. They tried on the extender like a deadline for implementing IPv6,” Levy adds. “Hopefully many people leaves it on since they’re not finding lots of brokenness.”

Jean McManus, executive director of Verizon’s Corporate Technology Organization, also used the term “uneventful” to explain the carrier’s knowledge about both its LTE network and it is world wide websites during the last couple of hrs.

“We are not necessarily taking calls with clients getting issues,” McManus states. “Some customers might have damaged connections, but they’re either not likely to call into technical support or it isn’t available within the volumes that individuals thought because at this time we’re not seeing the calls. … We’re really amazed at just how easily it’s gone.”

McManus adds that Verizon has not reported any IPv6-related security occurrences, either. “There has been nothing unusual at this time,Inch she states. “Knock on wood that it’ll stay.Inch

IPv6 traffic spiked yesterday when World IPv6 Day started, and contains ongoing to become elevated since that time.

Arbor Systems reported that overall IPv6 traffic volumes had bending throughout the first 12 hrs of World IPv6 Day.

Through The Figures: IPv6 traffic surges at launch of World IPv6 Day

“We had an enormous jump that people publicized on the Facebook page inside the first hour,” Levy states. “The figures continue to be small when in comparison to IPv4. However I would state that we have seen a fivefold rise in IPv6 Website traffic, and also the day isn’t over.”

Akamai, a content delivery network supporting 30 taking part websites, possessed a peak of 458 hits/second of IPv6 traffic half hour following the trial started. Akamai is averaging 287 hits/seconds — a tenfold increase over IPv6 traffic levels before the event.

“We had an incredible rush of IPv6 traffic, but with an absolute scale it had been still a very portion,Inch states Andy Champagne, v . p . of engineering at Akamai, who added that IPv6 still signifies under 1% of total Internet traffic. “We is going to do ten to fifteen million hits/second on IPv4, and we are doing 500 with IPv6.”

Champagne states Akamai hasn’t seen more damaged IPv6 connections than expected, nor has it observed any major attacks targeted at IPv6.

“The web is under constant attack, and lots of it’s minor,” Champagne states. “We did see some DoS attacks which were happening over IPv4, so when folks switched to IPv6, the attacks switched to IPv6. However it still wasn’t material. We have not seen any massive attacks.”

Champagne states Akamai is happy with how World IPv6 Day went to date.

“What we are happy about is it looks pretty anticlimactic,” Champagne states. “Now folks could be a little little more confident about using IPv6 being produced because everyone entered water today and discovered the water is okay.Inch

McManus is wishing that content providers for example Yahoo and google will follow-up with the prosperity of World IPv6 Day by permanently enabling IPv6 on their own sites.

“If folks really do not see the brokenness, and presuming the information holds for that relaxation from the experiment, then would be the websites going to have their Quad A [IPv6-based] DNS records and prevent whitelisting?” McManus asks. “I really hope that’s what is going on through their brains at this time because they feel at ease with IPv6.”

BACKGROUND: Google, Microsoft, Netflix in foretells create shared listing of IPv6 customers

The tech industry confesses the uneventful nature of World IPv6 Day is drawing evaluations to New Year’s Eve 1999 and the specter of the Y2K bug.

“World IPv6 Day didn’t inspire the panic and bunker-huddling that Y2K did, but it’s been as uneventful,” Champagne concedes.

“It’s been remarkably boring and anticlimactic. This is an excellent factor,” Levy covers. “IPv6 is working the actual way it was designed to work. … After today, we’re able to see significant momentum to perform a much more IPv6 work.”

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