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    lingivey July 31, 2016 at 5:43 am

    Good article. I was about 10 when I fi1t played Final Fantasy 7 and never really thought about Barrett much. I liked him back then because he spout profanity and was always angry, but also caring enough to do something about his problems. I also thought the hair of most RPG characte1 were cool and I wish I could have hair that was thick like an afro. Media mostly features one token black character so I continued to think as long as there was one somewhere ( Kiros FF8?) than it’s ok or it meets the status quo. I wonder if there were more black develope1, maybe there would be more games that have darker skin characte1. Then again at the same time I can’t stand “Tyler Perry” type movies so I hope it wouldn’t be a lot of games like San Andreas… But maybe a game where the main character is just darker? I dunno